Do I Need A Security Camera System For My Business?

Business Security Camera Systems Vancouver

Security camera systems (CCTV) have become increasingly popular for commercial and household use over the past years. Since a security camera system is cheaper than hiring fulltime guards, it is the most effective way to reduce crime with limited resources.  Several studies have shown that the use of CCTV systems have reduced property and premeditated crimes significantly. Not only does CCTV cause first-time criminals to reconsider, but also helps with future apprehension of the offender which prevents repeat offender crimes.

By utilizing surveillance systems, your CCTV system becomes an effective first response mechanism against crimes and hazards in your company. It is able to detect suspicious behaviors or scenarios, and immediately alert administrators in real time.

Security camera system is a very popular security measure among businesses in Vancouver. Members of the Vancouver Bar Watch are required to install camera surveillance at all bar entrances and exits for the safety of their employees and customers. Moreover, there are many privately owned surveillance cameras installed at bars, retail stores, restaurants and ATM machines in Vancouver. The threat of theft is very real and unfortunately thieves are not always outsiders of the company. According to an Employee Theft Statistics report, in 2012 alone 50 billion dollars USD was stolen from businesses by their own employees while on company time.

Another example of a company using extensive security camera systems for many years is Canadian Tire, a prominent supply business in Canada. Their system is also integrated with biometric technology that uses facial recognition technology to stop shoplifters. In addition, they are able to work with multiple camera feeds and create a centralised database, helping Canadian Tire staff to recognise repeat offenders.

If you would like to protect your business from potential theft and hazards, then a security camera system is the right choice for you and your company.

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