Multi Room Sound System

We all enjoy good music, and a well-designed music distribution system in your home will allow all the members of the family to browse, select and enjoy their own music in every room.

Vancouver Multi Room Sound SystemIn conjunction with hard drive storage of your existing music collection, iPod docks, iPhone, iTunes and internet radio, intelligent systems will also allow you to listen to internet services for unlimited access to a world full of music.

Depending on the level of quality you require and how you store your music—i.e. CDs, iTunes, hard drive, etc.—and how you want to access that music, there is a solution for you which we can install in to your home, either on its own or as part of a wider system incorporating your HD video system, lighting, security and heating control.

Some benefits of multi room sound systems:

  • Multi-room sound systems add pleasure and value along with elevating the quality of home life; home-owners who invest in multi-room audio systems are likely to see enhanced home values.
  • Great sound around the house is an important touch point that lets everyone know how special and well thought out your home actually is.

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